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What is the difference between hard and soft bags for interior furniture?

What is the difference between hard and soft bags for interior furniture?

Many people buy interior furniture when they are renovating, but they don’t know the difference between hard and soft bags. If you don’t understand this difference, it is easy to be blinded by the decoration company. Both soft packs and hard packs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Soft packs have their own characteristics. Only by understanding the differences and characteristics of hard packs and soft packs can these basic common senses be used for more comprehensive and concrete renovations.

What is the difference between hard and soft bags for interior furniture?

First, the difference between hard and soft packages

In fact, there is no absolute difference between a soft wall and a hard wall. Relatively speaking, the so-called good or bad. In the past, there were more hard-packages, and as people’s aesthetic tastes improved, soft packs gradually entered the public eye. However, soft packs are relatively expensive, are easily soiled and are difficult to clean. This is still a headache. The following is a brief description of the difference between some soft and hard packages:

Soft bag: A wall decoration method for packaging an indoor wall with a flexible material; a hard bag: refers to a method of decorating a wall surface of a wall with a fabric attached to a wooden board.

The soft material used in the soft bag is soft and soft, which can soften the overall space atmosphere, and its deep three-dimensional sense can also improve the grade of the home. In addition to beautifying the role of space, more importantly, it has the functions of flame retardant, sound absorption, sound insulation, moisture proof, mildew proof, antistatic, anti-collision and so on. The hard pack is harder and the overall feel is not as comfortable as the soft pack.

Most people who sandwich the sponge between the fabric and the bottom plate are soft packs. The fabric is attached directly to the base and is a hard bag. The soft package can hide the unevenness of the board, and the hard package cannot.

Soft packs can hide the unevenness of the board, while hard packs cannot. The soft decoration has an easy-to-use mat, which means it is fixed in addition to the interior. Hard packs refer to traditional home d├ęcor that removes walls and carpets, using the most innovative design materials such as curtains, applying the most popular design styles, walls and doors and windows, and laying pipes.

After the soft wall is constructed, it is important to note that the room should be cleaned in time to avoid contamination and damage. If it is purely a design change, a reliable method should also be adopted; care should be taken to protect the product from contamination, collision and damage.

It is found that the stain on the surface of the soft bag should be removed in time. Wipe the stains usually with a mild, mild detergent. (Remember, alkaline cleaners should not be used because the leather is treated with acid during the manufacturing process. The alkali will soften the leather. When used for a long time, there will be degeneration, wrinkles, and the surface will peel off.) Remove the foam with a clean cloth and allow it to dry naturally.

The usual hard-packed surface dust and debris can be treated with a vacuum cleaner. Dry the towel with a dry towel, then gently wipe it, then let it dry naturally. When disinfecting the soft bag, use a clean towel and dampened disinfectant to scrub.
Second, what are the advantages of soft packs?

Softening space: The material used in the soft bag is soft and the color is very soft. When used for wall decoration, it can be used to soften the space atmosphere.

Improve quality: Due to the special process of soft wall, the quality of the material is also high, which plays a certain role in improving the furniture of the whole indoor space. At the same time, the soft wall also deepens the sense of depth and three-dimensionality of the space.

Sound absorption and noise reduction: Since the soft wall of the soft bag uses a lot of flexible materials, the sound absorption effect is excellent, and the noise can be well isolated.

What is the difference between hard and soft bags for interior furniture?

Nowadays people have their own personality, so the choice of interior furniture will be different. Different people have different living habits in life, and the style of personalized interior furniture is different. Therefore, editor suggested that after you read the introduction of Xiaobian, you should choose according to your living habits and hobbies. The soft-packed Xiuha City hard-package repair, I believe that everyone has seen their own choice of hard and soft packs introduced by editor.

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