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What Are The Types Of High-quality Furniture Bedroom Beds?

What Are The Types Of High-quality Furniture Bedroom Beds?

In the user consumption demand, people’s interior furniture purchase is also very important, in the purchase of furniture, people tend to prefer high-quality furniture, now people’s living standards improve, bedroom bed as our indoor furniture in our daily contact will be more frequent, it is closely related to our lives.

Choose high-quality furniture to improve our quality of life, people spend most of their lives in the bed, bed is the most core of bedroom furniture , so it is important to choose a suitable bed. So, what are the types of common beds?

What Are The Types Of High-quality Furniture Bedroom Beds?

1.According to the material classification of the bed: can be divided into solid wood bed, board bed, iron bed, rattan bed and so on, solid wood bed shape rich, beautiful color

2. According to the shape of the bed classification: generally can be divided into shelf bed, Rohan bed, step-step bed, high and low screen bed and round bed. Shelf bed, that is, four-poster bed, bed four corners have columns, columns have a low fence, the upper end of the column bearing the top of the bed, under the base. High and low screen bed: the bed at both ends of the screen, a high and one low, called high and low screen bed. Now some high and low screen bed only high screen, and no low screen, that is, the head of the end of the bed screen, and the foot side of the end without a prominent screen. Round bed: The overall shape is like a geometric round bed.Compared with the square bed, the round bed is particularly lively, has personality, is not bound, on and off the bed is more convenient, and the round bed has no angle, will not touch the child.

What Are The Types Of High-quality Furniture Bedroom Beds?

3.According to the use of the function of the bed, can be divided into single bed, dual-use bed and multi-use bed. Single bed: Mainly used for sleeping beds. Dual-use bed: can meet the sitting, sleeping bed.
Multi-use bed: can meet the sitting, lying, storage, placement of jewelry and other uses of the bed.

4. According to the number of bunk scant can be divided into single-story beds, bunk beds and multi-storey beds. Depending on the width of the bed, it can be divided into single beds and double beds. According to the national standard furniture standard, the width of a single bed is generally 720-1200mm, the width of the double bed is generally 1350-1800mm.

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