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What Are The Selection Techniques For Floor Tiles?

What Are The Selection Techniques For Floor Tiles?

As an important floor tile decoration material, floor tiles are very important for decoration. However, there are many types of floor tiles for everyone to choose. Which one would be better? I believe this is what many people want to know. A question, next, the decoration house, take you to find out, what bricks are used for household tiles? And what are the selection techniques for floor tiles?

What Are The Selection Techniques For Floor Tiles?

First, what bricks are used for household tiles?

1.What kind of bricks are used for household tiles, which are hardened bricks, which are the most difficult to ignite and fully ceramicized at high temperatures. The surface of the vitrified brick has shortcomings. You can’t easily penetrate the stain of the reduced water. If there is no need for random gloss, the abrasion resistance is good, and the leaked out of the car. In order to solve this problem, many manufacturers have carried out antifouling treatment on the tile surface, but the antifouling property is much worse than that of the glass brick.

2.What bricks are used for household tiles: polished bricks are made by grinding and polishing the entire surface of the brick. This is a kind of brick. Polished tiles are hard, have a strong abrasion resistance and a smooth surface, but they have the disadvantage of being dust and skid resistant. Therefore it is not often used in bathrooms and kitchens.

3.What kind of brick glazed brick is used for household floor tiles. It belongs to the surface glazing and is the most common ceramic tile in decoration. The surface can be fired in a variety of aesthetically pleasing patterns. Glazed tiles are widely used for wall and floor decoration because they are very dusty, dirty and permeable and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

4.What kind of bricks are used for household tiles? This type of floor tiles is a kind of tile with glazed surface. The front and back are the same material and color, with good anti-slip and wear resistance. It is mainly used in living rooms, corridors, but is rarely used on walls.

5, the use of brick tiles for household tiles, also known as mosaic, mosaic, more specifications, thin and hard texture, wear-resistant and water-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, pressure resistance, rich color.

What Are The Selection Techniques For Floor Tiles?

Second, which are the selection techniques for floor tiles?

1.Determine the decoration style before selecting the floor tiles. So understand the home decoration, if you do not understand the casual style of the floor tiles to buy decoration, choose the first to make money, no matter what the quality, your decoration will bring bad results, the floor tiles according to the decoration to choose the right tile.

2.Determine the appropriate space for the floor tiles. Because of the different home decor, the materials used for each space, the pre-tiling space is very good. This is attached to the appropriate kitchen tiles, toilets, bathrooms, and to determine the attachment of more water and place bricks than the floor, another living room The bedroom can be chosen according to your taste, as long as it fits the overall decoration style.

3, pick the floor tiles do not catch up with the trend, in the case of floor tiles, many people choose the popular floor tile style and think that its popularity is the same as the product. In fact, when buying tiles, you should choose a classic style, such as the price of the product. The quality of the correct and classic style is relatively stable.

4, the same level of building materials, not cheap choice: the same level of floor material level, in addition to brand reasons, often the price difference is very large, these differences may not be domestic and import factors, it is recommended to choose imported expensive bricks, when materials and When the grades are the same, it is usually more economical to choose domestic brands of floor tiles.

What bricks are used for household tiles? And what are the selection techniques for floor tiles? This small series introduces you here, I hope the above articles will help you.

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