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What Are The Interior Design Concepts?

What Are The Interior Design Concepts?

The design concept is the leading idea established by the designer in the process of conceiving the space works, which gives the cultural connotation and style characteristics of the work. A good design philosophy is essential. It is not only the essence of design, but also makes the work individual, professional and distinctive. Today’s decoration of the small series brings you the interior decoration design concept? Interior decoration style concept?

What Are The Interior Design Concepts?

First, the interior decoration design concept?

1.Personalized interior furniture is mostly based on the needs of satisfying people and interpersonal activities. For different people and different use objects, consider their different requirements: space design; need to pay attention to study people’s behavioral psychology and visual experience. Aspect requirements. Different spaces give people different feelings.

2, personalized interior furniture to enhance the overall environmental concept: the design of the interior design, concept, style and environmental atmosphere, the need to focus on the overall environment, cultural characteristics and architectural features and other considerations. Macro environment; (natural environment) sky, atmosphere; mountain forest, plain grassland; climate geography, natural scenery, local materials. Zhongguan environment; (urban and rural, neighborhood and outdoor environment) urban and rural environment; community neighborhood buildings and outdoor interior design environment; historical context, folk customs, architectural features, form, style. Micro-environment; (indoor environment) indoor environment of various buildings; indoor functional characteristics, spatial organization characteristics, style.

What Are The Interior Design Concepts?

Second, the concept of interior decoration style?

1.Traditional Chinese style: Generally speaking, it is simple and elegant, reflecting the charm of “study” in the traditional sense. This kind of study is mainly embodied in the design of furniture, with the main lines of the square. Chinese furniture, Chinese bookcases, coffee tables and screens, accompanied by Chinese calligraphy and antiques and antiques, form a Chinese-style study blueprint.

2, European style: in the style of living furniture reflects the European style, and some even reflect the degree of “European” from the line style of the bookcase and workbench lines. Western oil paintings, watercolors and sculptures can also enhance European style, such as female body pillars, painting sculptures, decorative masks and round or oval carvings.

3, modern style: the modern style emphasizes simplicity and clarity, abandoning many unnecessary additional decorations, based on the plane composition, color composition, and three-dimensional composition. The interiors are all in the same color, and the combination of large or large faces is used in the furniture styling, focusing on the spatial color and the excavation of the shape changes. The study designed in this style is very modern and refreshing, which can be purchased as a personalized home furniture. Correspondingly, it is often decorated with abstract paintings and sculptures to break through some boring, monotonous, and blunt lines in order to achieve a perfect and rich spatial experience.

4, free style: free style mainly refers to the overall environment and living habits, and form a free design style. Most of the personalized indoor furniture is mainly composed of streamlined lines, which can make the space feel smooth. The color is in the same color system, and the whole room is unified by the depth and change, and a large amount of natural materials such as wood and stone are used.

The above article introduces the interior decoration design concept and the content of the interior decoration style concept. I believe that after reading the above article, I understand the concept of design and hope that our introduction will help you.

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