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Personalized Interior Furniture – Shoe Cabinet Height Selection And Shopping Tips Introduction

Personalized Interior Furniture – Shoe Cabinet Height Selection And Shopping Tips Introduction

With the concept of fashion home prevailing, people also pay attention to decorative home environment, want to have a well-decorated furniture environment, need to buy personalized interior furniture.

Personalized interior furniture style has many kinds, how to buy personalized home furniture is a better match? In this location, people also like to buy shoe cabinet, so that can also meet our needs, in the selection of Xuanguan shoe cabinet, for its size also need to understand clearly. So, how high is the shoe cabinet generally? It is also an important question. The following decoration of the house of small editor to introduce to everyone, so that we can choose the appropriate.To protect our usual use.

Personalized Interior Furniture - Shoe Cabinet Height Selection And Shopping Tips Introduction

First, secret shoe cabinet is generally how high

1, according to the size of space and entrance, height is different, generally around 100cm. The height of the porch shoes is determined according to the size of the room space and entrance. If the space is small, it is usually about 80 cm. If the space is large enough, the height of the porch shoes should not exceed 120 cm.It’s too high to take things.

2, in general, the height should not exceed 80 cm, width can be reasonably planned and designed, depth problems need to be determined according to the height of shoes in the home. Usually 30-40CM is almost the same. Although there is a gap in the size of shoes in the home, more sure tubes are needed. It does not matter that there is a gap between men and women, but there is a gap between them and children. As long as the big shoes can be put in, there is no problem. According to the furniture network, shoes are generally ergonomic and generally no more than 30 cm, followed by depths of about 35-40 cm, with the exception of some knee-high knee boots.
It needs to be considered separately.

3, regardless of the shoe cabinet needs to consider the size of the problem, the height of the shoe cabinet is generally about 15cm.Second, girls’ shoes are very high and high boots are very strong, so the planks can be designed to solve this problem with movable panels.

4, shoe size design, according to ergonomic design, shoe cabinet depth of 35-40 cm, size not more than 30 cm. There is not much difference in size between men’s and women’s shoes. This size is large enough to put the shoes in place without making the layers look awkward. If the shoe box is in the shoe cabinet, a depth of 38-40 cm is required. For example, golf clubs, vacuum cleaners, etc. are placed in shoe cabinets at depths of 40cm or more.The height between shoe cabinets is preferably about 150mm.

Personalized Interior Furniture - Shoe Cabinet Height Selection And Shopping Tips Introduction

Second, shoe cabinet selection points are

1, shoe cabinet as living furniture, generally placed in the living room. The activity layer is more user-friendly, and in order to meet the height difference between the men’s and women’s shoes, the shoe cabinet can be designed to move the layer so that the shoe layer can be adjusted according to the height of the shoe. In addition, shoes and men’s shoes can be layered when placing them. For example, some low-top or children’s shoes can be placed between the lower layers of the shoe cabinet. High heels can be placed on the upper level, which can not only improve the shoe cabinet.
It has storage capabilities to add a place for different styles of shoes.

2, there is no space for half shoes, the space of the shoe cabinet is very limited, so it should be reasonable design and use. We wear shoes in a variety of ways, such as straight, flat and sloping. Different ways can make the shoes different in height and depth, so pay attention to the size when designing.
In addition, the length of the shoe cabinet does not seem to be able to place half a pair of space (one shoe), which makes the design unreasonable and wastes space.

3, coordinate the whole house wind shoes. Shoe cabinets are not a person, so they should be coordinated with the whole house style. If the overall home decoration style is biased towards warm tones, it is not recommended that the shoe cabinet use cold colors, and vice versa. Considering the overall practicality, it is recommended that you choose the shoe cabinet not blindly follow the wind, this is your home decoration style is the best choice.
Shoe function is not restrictedShoe cabinet size, for us is also very important, in the understanding, is also a suitable choice.

The above is to introduce you to the height of personalized interior furniture shoe cabinet and shopping tips, I hope to help you.

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