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Personalized Interior Furniture – Proof Cabinet Knowledge Introduction

Personalized Interior Furniture – Proof Cabinet Knowledge Introduction

Interior furniture in great demand, people will choose personalized interior furniture, because this type of furniture can make the layout of the home more reasonable, in our life, In the installation and partition cabinet, if we come to understand in advance, this kind of personalized home furniture partition cabinet size is generally how much? Then in the choice of partition cabinet will be more appropriate, because the current partition cabinet size is also a lot, the next small editor with you to introduce, the size of the partition cabinet is generally how much?
As well as the separation cabinet shopping tips and the types of partition cabinets are what?

Personalized Interior Furniture - Proof Cabinet Knowledge Introduction

First, the size of the partition cabinet is generally how much

1, partition cabinet size of the living room and dining room partition cabinet can not affect the usual first through which this is basic, followed by the width of 80.135CM, regardless of the size of the house, this is the standard size. The high edge rests against the wall.
It is used as living furniture, the size can be tailored.

2, partition cabinet size if the size of the restaurant width, it is recommended to do a 0. 8 to 1M partition on the line, give 1.5 channel distance only 2.4 meters of the restaurant is complete, if you feel distance between the dining room and kitchen, this is not good, you can put the table and chair level, because the size of the table is generally 1.2 x 60 or 1.3 x 70.
If you place two heads horizontally, there is a metre of room for movement.

Personalized Interior Furniture - Proof Cabinet Knowledge Introduction

Second, the separation cabinet shopping tips are what

1, the overall style setting.Is it modern geometric style or Chinese classical style? Is it Japanese style or is it a Western marathon? Of course, this style is based on your living room settings to choose a unified style.

2, function settings. Walls are roughly divided into two types: decoration and storage, but most people combine the two. For example, select a multicolored bookshelf with a unique shape to make a partition. Not only can you put books, but you can also put small collectibles, which can also increase the vitality of space, while showcasing the owner’s cultural heritage. In addition, partitions can also be used as screens, and this active section is also very stylish.

3, image-building. Partitions are not load-bearing, so the freedom to model is very large.
In design, pay more attention to height, length and realistic changes to create the ideal partition.

Thrid, what kind of partition cabinet?

1, small and complete cabinets, compact combination of living room cabinets combined with TV cabinets, bookcases, display cabinets and lockers function, so that everyone can really play the “Heina” function.
The white cabinets echo the walls and floors, neat and fresh.

2, hanging installation, even if your living room is small, hanging cabinetadvantage advantage is clever and reasonable use of space. The combination of brown and white also makes the overall space less boring.
Hanging combination cabinets in the white space at the bottom of the space virtually extend the space extension, making the small living room look larger.

3, the combination of wall cabinets, technology everywhere, and there will always be surprises. The development of science and technology can not only make mankind foresee the future, but also guide people back to the past. Remember the long-lost fireplace? Yes, with the help of high technology, you can easily put it in the cupboard. Hanging TV saves cabinet space and clean lines. Staggered bookcasedesigns meet the needs of different families.

The lowest part of the children’s book room is easy for babies to touch at home, and high-rise albums, collectibles, etc., also increase interest throughout the living room.

What is the size of the partition cabinet generally? And the partition cabinet purchase tips and the types of partition cabinet are what? These personalized family furniture this small editor for you to introduce here, I hope the above article content can be very good to help you.

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