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Introduction to wallpaper shopping tips

Introduction to wallpaper shopping tips

For wallpapers we are all very familiar with, is we as personalized interior furniture often use a wall decoration materials, wallpaper types, home decoration wall can be selected according to their own preferences, we can also do their own wallpaper, so more meaningful. Together with the small series to learn about how to paste wallpapers and wallpapers at home to buy and choose related content.Hope that the content of the small editor to decorate personalized home furniture to help.

Introduction to wallpaper shopping tips

First, how to paste wallpaper at home

1. Before we put wallpaper on the wallpaper, the floor of the home should have been paved with floor tiles or floors. A layer of plastic film needs to be laid on the ground before laying the wallpaper.
The film is laid to prevent glue from falling directly into the floor, mainly to protect the floor.

2, measure the size of the wall, calculate the amount of wallpaper needed.
Wallpaper removal protection edge width is the shortest effective distance of wallpaper, the top of the wall to the position of the kick line is the height required to spread the wallpaper, but also the shortest effective distance per wallpaper.

3, cutting wallpaper, the length of cutting needs to be greater than the actual length of the wall, usually the length needs to be more than 10 cm or more. The rest of the wallpaper can be saved, convenient for later life patching use.
If a complete wall, an additional part (e.g. beam), this part we usually choose not to spread, the result will be better.

4, with the scraper to apply the glue evenly on the back of the wallpaper, glue and attached to the protective belt after folding wallpaper, need to first let the wallpaper soften for a period of time.
In the process of glue, we need to spread the orange protective belt, folding to ensure that the wallpaper surface will not have glue.

5, paste wallpaper, you can also use the instrument to judge the horizontal and vertical wallpaper, we need to pay attention to the upper and lower edge position left surplus. Wallpapers in the spread, pay attention to the timeliness.
If you find that the glue is starting to dry and firm, don’t unmask the wallpaper for correction. 6, in the overlap part pay attention to the stitching of the pattern, we need to cut the overlapping part of the wallpaper. At the wire switch panel, straighten as straight as possible.
The glue scraped out at the wallpaper stitching and the glue on the panel can be wiped with a sponge.

Introduction to wallpaper shopping tips

Second, what are the tips for buying wallpapers?

1, Do not know how to test whether the wallpaper is environmentally friendly, today’s people are very focused on environmental protection issues, for wallpaper environmental protection level and materials and printing process actually has a great relationship. The test method is very simple, we can directly through the “burning” to identify, environmental protection index high wallpaper no odor smoke, ash is gray powdery;
For book room the best choice with pure paper wallpaper or non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper needs to match the style of study room furniture to look good.

2, do not choose too bright color wallpaper, many people like to choose colorful wallpaper, beautiful color wallpaper is beautiful, but it is best to wipe with a damp cloth beforehand, observe whether there is a decolorization phenomenon, especially that kind of textured wallpaper, later life cleaning and management will be more troublesome.
So we as far as possible to choose plant raw materials as the base wallpaper products, this kind of product coloring more deep, scrubbing does not decolor, the most important and most important such products use for a long time is not easy to yellow and old.

3, buy wallpaper do not pay attention to supporting accessories, select high-quality wallpaper at the same time, for the selection of supporting accessories is also very important, compensation can directly affect the quality of wallpaper construction and late effect.

About how to paste wallpapers and wallpapers at home to buy the content of the shopping tips here, I hope that after reading this article, we can understand this.

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