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Introduction To The Types And Purchase Of Decorative Lamps For Personalized Interior Furniture

Introduction To The Types And Purchase Of Decorative Lamps For Personalized Interior Furniture

In modern interior furniture decoration, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, and the choice of decoration lamps in the living room is very special.Because in the living room to choose lamps is not only the role of simple lighting, more important is the decorative effect.

The living decoration lamp belongs to the living room furniture, is the lamp in the living room, as the name implies. The lamp is a relatively personalized device. As long as you like it, there is basically no law on choice. However, many homeowners choose professional designers for home decoration design during home decoration. After the decoration, it is best to choose the type of lamp and light source according to the requirements of the designer.This is better aligned with home decoration style.

Introduction To The Types And Purchase Of Decorative Lamps For Personalized Interior Furniture

First, as personalized interior furniture decorative lights are:

Chandelier´╝ÜChandelier for living room.Branch chandeliers have the most patterns, commonly used European candlestick chandeliers, Chinese chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, parchment chandeliers, fashion chandeliers, conical cover lights, pointed flat-cover lamps, beam cover lamps, five-fork ball chandeliers, magnolia-covered lamps, olive chandeliers and so on.

Ceiling lights: ceiling lamps are commonly used ceiling lights, ball ceiling lights, pointed round ceiling lights, hemispherical ceiling lights, hemispheric ceiling lights, hemispherical ceiling lights, small square ceiling lights. Ceiling lamps are suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other lighting.Ceiling lamps can be installed directly on the ceiling, simple installation, simple style and generous style, fresh and bright space.

Floor lamps: Floor lamps are often used as local lighting, soft lighting, not comprehensive, but emphasize the convenience of movement, which is very useful for creating a corner atmosphere. If the lighting method of the floor lamp is projected directly down, it is suitable for reading activities such as reading, and in the case of indirect lighting, the overall light change can be adjusted.The floor lamp’s underlay should be 1.8 meters above the ground.

Wall lamps: Wall lamps are suitable for bedroom and bathroom lighting. Commonly used double-head magnolia wall lamp, double-head olive wall lamp, double-head drum wall lamp, two-head lace cup wall lamp, jade column wall lamp, mirror front wall lamp and so on. The mounting height of the wall lamps should not be less than 1.8 meters from the ground.

Table lamp: table lamp according to material, ceramic lamp, wood lamp, iron lamp, copper lamp, etc. , according to the function, eye protection lamp, decorative table lamp, table lamp, etc. , according to light source light bulbs, plug lights, lamp lamps and so on. The choice of table lamp depends mainly on the quality of the electronic parts and the production process.General living room, bedroom and other decorative table lights, work bench, study table with energy-saving eye protection table lamp, but energy-saving lights can not dim.

Introduction To The Types And Purchase Of Decorative Lamps For Personalized Interior Furniture

Second, how to choose the living room decoration lamps

1. According to the choice of decoration style, it is well known that each country will form a unique style, small lights should also be in line with it, such as european living room, it is suitable for chandeliers or crystal lamps;

If it’s a rustic style, then you shouldn’t choose too gorgeous and retro chandeliers.

2. It is very important to choose this according to the size of the living room. In general, to ensure that the hall is bright enough, more than 20 square meters of space should be selected as a luxury, chandelier with a different look.

It also solves the problem of excessive space, which is more suitable for ceiling lamps if it is less than 20 square metres, and the floor height of more than 2.5 metres, as well as the installation of chandeliers.

3. Select lamps according to light Today, all types of rooms are available, so there is good lighting, and there will be some bad lighting. The area of the hall is naturally brighter than anywhere else. You can make ceilings at the top and install auxiliary light sources, such as lights.Use, Spotlight, and it also displays ratings and ratings.

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