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Introduction To The Size And Maintenance Of Wardrobes As Interior Furniture

Introduction To The Size And Maintenance Of Wardrobes As Interior Furniture

Interior furniture is becoming more and more diverse, people’s living standards to improve.Choosing the personalized¬†interior¬†furniture is important for home decoration. Wardrobe is one of the most important bedroom furniture, its style and style is a crucial part of decoration. With the promotion of people’s taste in life, in the design of wardrobes, not only to consider its aesthetics, but also pay more attention to its practicality.

Next, by the small editor for everyone to bring the wardrobe of the relevant introduction, together to understand it, I hope can bring help to everyone.

Introduction To The Size And Maintenance Of Wardrobes As Interior Furniture

First, the size of the wardrobe

  1. Wardrobe size of 650mm or less, usually designed as small pieces;
    2.650-1850mm size design for seasonal clothing;
  2. More than 1850 mm is designed for less common items and seasonal clothing;
  3. If you want to do the last, the general cabinet is 2100 mm, the rest are returned to the cabinet;
  4. Wardrobe full — drawer top height is best less than 1250mm, especially for the elderly, the room should consider about 1000mm, so that it is more convenient to use;
  5. If you use a sliding door, it is two doors, can not be designed in 1/2 position;
  6. If it is three doors, it cannot be designed in 1/3 and 2/3 locations, otherwise the drawer cannot be opened
  7. Four or more doors do not need to consider location;
  8. The chest space of pants should be 650mm, if hanging on a hanger, it should be at least 700mm;
  9. The spacing between laminate and laminate is 400-600mm, too small and too large to be easy to place; 11. Wardrobe full — wardrobe depth of 530-620mm. Generally speaking, for women, the depth of the wardrobe is 580mm, plus the door, the width of the entire wardrobe is 600mm.
    The width of the clothes is not too big a problem;
  10. Short clothes, the minimum set must have a height of 800mm;
  11. Wardrobe full — long outer coating should not be less than 1300mm, otherwise it will be dragged to the bottom of the cabinet;
  12. If you are pushing the door, you will need to leave a 75-80mm sliding position in the position of the sliding door.

Second, wardrobe maintenance method

Introduction To The Size And Maintenance Of Wardrobes As Interior Furniture

1.Dust removal

maintenance Gently wipe the wardrobe surface with a soft, dry towel. Remember not to wipe with a wet towel. When wiping, wipe away dust along the wood texture.
Detergents are not required throughout the process to avoid stimulating the furniture surface.

2.Cleaning and maintenance

Daily maintenance and cleaning requires the use of professional wooden furniture cleaners.
This will remove smoke and dirt from the furniture.

3.Avoid scratching

If the furniture scratches, not only will affect the beauty of the furniture, but also affect the service life of the furniture.
Therefore, during use, avoid damage caused by direct contact with furniture from hard objects or metal products.

4.Scratch maintenance

If you’re not careful of small scratches, you can choose wax strips similar to the color of furniture wood to apply scratches to fill the cracks.
The wax is then applied again to the area to maintain the luster.

5.Waxing maintenance

Want solid wood furniture for a long time, waxing is very necessary, in general, a quarter waxing once, the use of professional solid wood furniture light wax for regular maintenance.
Avoid the use of silicone polishes, which can damage the furniture coating, clog the wood pores, and impair the breathability of the wood.

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