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Introduction To The Renovation Of Personalized Interior Furniture TV Wall

Introduction To The Renovation Of Personalized Interior Furniture TV Wall

American style TV wall decoration effect is very good, and in the living room also appears very tall, so this personalized room style TV wall will be popular with the owners, the next small editor with you to understand the Personalized home furniture, as personalized interior furniture, American decoration style TV wall features?As well as decoration TV wall notes and TV wall decoration tips are what?

Introduction To The Renovation Of Personalized Interior Furniture TV Wall

First, American decoration style TV wall features are

1. The American TV background wall is made of natural materials.
It perfectly incorporates natural wood into the design of the background wall, perfectly presenting the natural style.

2, The American style embodies the characteristics of natural fusion.
The style of the American TV background wall gives a sense of freedom, but also a feeling of wildness.

3, because the size of American furniture is usually larger and larger, and the old design can better reflect the sense of time, so the size of the American TV background wall is usually larger than usual.

4, American style in the indoor environment to show a leisurely and comfortable pastoral lifestyle. The living room often uses natural wood, stone, bamboo, rattan and other smooth materials. Since the living room is usually a reception area, a large amount of wood and stone is usually used for visitors in order to be simple and clear.The TV background wall is designed and decorated in the hall.

Introduction To The Renovation Of Personalized Interior Furniture TV Wall

Second, decoration of tv wall notes

1, circuit layout, installation of tv wall, it is best to measure the circuit in advance to ensure that the circuit layout in the later stage is not affected.
In addition, the number of sockets should also be determined according to usage, which is also for later use.

2, the background wall lights, in general, the TV background wall will add a spotlight, so that the whole look squeacity. But too bright light can also damage vision. Long-term TV viewing can lead to visual fatigue. Therefore, in terms of lighting effects, it is best to aluminum foil-based, try not to use high-brightness lighting products.Renovation TV wall is living furniture, in the decoration should look at the reasonable layout of the living room.

3, the size of the background wall for small living room, if the TV background wall area is too large, will produce a sense of depression.
But the size of a large living room TV is too small and the proportions will be very inconsistent, so size is also a factor to consider.

Third, TV wall decoration skills

1, the light on the background wall, you might think it would be great to install the lights on the TV wall, but I want to tell you that the idea is wrong. Although the light under the beautiful background wall will be more visible, this will help to highlight the personality of the host.
But long-term observation can lead to visual fatigue, which can be harmful to health over time.

2, the wiring of the background wall those who have decoration experience know that before arranging the location of power outlets, as accurate as possible for water and electricity workers to provide the furniture size to be placed.However, in practice, many owners just look at the place where they want to release appliances with sockets and are busy solving other problems is very safe.

The above is to introduce to you how to decorate personalized interior furniture, as personalized home furniture TV wall decoration tips?
I hope the above content is more helpful to you.

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