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How Should The Solid Wood Sofa In The Interior Furniture Be Maintained?

How Should The Solid Wood Sofa In The Interior Furniture Be Maintained?

Solid wood is a relatively healthy material, so he became a choice of many home interior furniture.High-quality furniture is the pursuit of every family, choose good interior furniture can make our furniture environment have a comfortable feeling.

Solid wood sofa as the most common furniture in the interior furniture, it is the most important furniture decoration of living furniture.
So, how does the solid wood sofa need to be maintained?

1.Always keep the sofa clean, every day with a pure dry soft cloth gently wipe off the surface of floating dust, every once in a while, with the wet cotton wire wringing water will be the sofa corner of the dust fine lying, and then with a clean dry soft cotton cloth dry can be.

2. Avoid removing stains with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents.If there are stains on the surface of the sofa, do not rub hard, can be used warm tea water to gently remove stains.

3. Avoid hard scratches.Cleaning, do not make cleaning tools touch the sofa, usually pay attention to, do not let hard metal products or other sharp objects hit the sofa, to protect its surface from bump marks.

4. Stay away from heat sources.In winter, it is best to place the sofa in the distance from the heating flow of about 1M place, to avoid a long period of high baking, so that the wood local dry cracking, deformation and partial deterioration of the paint film.

5. Avoid direct sunlight. Should try to avoid outdoor sunlight on the sofa as a whole or local long-term exposure, its placement is best in the can avoid the sun shine in the place, or with transparent tulle curtains to separate the direct sunlight.In this way, it does not affect indoor lighting, but also make soft light for the room to add a little warm and romantic mood, while protecting the indoor sofa.

 How Should The Solid Wood Sofa In The Interior Furniture Be Maintained?

6.Try to avoid the use of oily sofa cleaners, so that the surface of the product whitening phenomenon, if the surface of the product is stained with oil, the use of general cleaning agent can be.

7.In order to keep the product fresh for a long time, please do not place overheated food and rough bowls on the table

8. Solid wood sofa should not be placed in the window, because with the sun, rain and other long-term contact, may make the wooden sofa deformation, because the solid wood inside itself contains moisture, placed in the environment is too humid or high temperature, will lead to moldy solid wood sofa or paint shell, etc. So the maintenance of these small details on a daily basis is also very important.

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