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Have You Started Smart Home, Personalized Interior Furniture Is The Key!

Have You Started Smart Home, Personalized Interior Furniture Is The Key!

From the smart home, can not be separated from personalized interior furniture, its historical development can be traced back to the early 1980s, when there are a large number of electronic technology on the market home appliances, it is this period, electronic residential into thousands of households. Interior furniture is also becoming popular.

By the late 1980s, control and management systems were being built to connect these devices through networks, thanks to the development of communications and information technology, which was then known as Smart Home, the hotly-charged smart home prototype. Recall a few years ago, the intelligent hardware just opened the era, this concept was once again hyped hot, and finally the product function of the single and ecological dispersion, not only did not bring practical improvement to the user, but added a lot of trouble.

Have You Started Smart Home, Personalized Interior Furniture Is The Key!

For example, with an app to adjust the lights, such an operating experience is not as cool as manual switching, and eventually most products only after a wave of heat and then no trace. Today, with the continuous breakthrough of AI technology applications, all walks of life are trying to complete a new transformation with AI. In the smart home, living furniture is widely used. Back to the smart home this field, to voice interaction terminal as the representative of the hardware, is gradually universal to every family.

It is not difficult to see that the wave of artificial intelligence has brought a new life to this field, smart home is no longer a cake-filled empty talk.
Smart Home in the Eyes of Consumers That’s a lot of talk, and it boils down to that – the smart home age is getting closer and closer.

But on the consumer side, they will never pay too much attention to the trend of the industry, they are concerned about what the smart home can bring about now, and their own expectations of the smart home.

Because of this, the author interviewed 3 female users whose IT level is not very high to understand their yearning for smart homes:

A: A is a weekend nothing to get out of bed, her daytime appeal is to be able to achieve in bed on the lights, curtains, television control, night time can have a night light is better, other intelligent equipment can control, can not control the use of remote control can also be.

B:B is a more dress-up sister, she aspires to life is a magic mirror, this magic mirror can not only give her facial skin to provide relevant guidance, but also help her virtually try to wear all kinds of clothes in line with their own body type, if there is shape guidance and other related value-added services are better.

Have You Started Smart Home, Personalized Interior Furniture Is The Key!

C: C’s answer is more concise, if the smart home does not make it feel intimate and warm, then she would rather choose a more design-like than a sense of technology to live.

Such an outcome seems to be somewhat out of line with our expectations. Whether it is curtains, televisions, or magic mirrors, are some of the original home design has been covered by the elements, but this time consumers want to give these inherent elements a new round of intelligent upgrade, followed by the demand for new products. No one mentioned Bill Gates’ big villa, nor did anyone mention the home where his brother lived in Macau’s popular ity.
This can not help but let us reflect, smart home landing in the end in which link out of the problem.

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